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7 Useful Tips to Sleep Well

Sleeping well has many benefits like better metabolic rate, increases performance, overall increase in body etc. Good quality sleep has direct influence on your digestive system, nervous system, and sympathetic nervous system.

These are good benefits but these are known to use, unless we suffer from “sleeping disorders”. For those of us who had terrible nights, know what I am saying.

It is a body state when we cannot sleep well. We are restless and our mind is wandering from one thought to the other one.

We are feeling pressure. Clock is ticking. Time is passing. This physical and is known as “insomnia”. Insomnia results in and pressure. In fact, insomnia is the result of and tension. It is obvious to ask, “How can we deal with insomnia”?

In this article, I will present 5 unique tips. I hope these tips will help you sleep well and live well.

Sleeping well is not just about physical rest. It is a mental activity where we relax physically and mentally. We watch dreams. If we are cheerful before we go to bed, we will watch good dreams. Otherwise, anything can happen in your dreams.

Our daily activities have influence on our nighttime experience. Insomnia occurs when we cannot find good relaxing thoughts. We are tense, so our muscles are tensed which stops the proper blood flow.

  1. To sleep well try . Now I mean it in the real sense of the meaning. If you cannot stop negative thinking, shut down the supply of all thoughts. In the beginning, it is a little difficult but not much. I tried it myself. Focus your thoughts on an object and hold your vision here unless you know nothing other than that object. Hold your vision and start backward counting from 1000. Go from 1000 to 999, 999 to 998, and so on. Within 20 minutes, you will be gone in the sleeping valley.
  2. Close your TV. Shut down your PC. Keep away from mobile phone. Turn off all lights. Make sure that your room is completely dark. Bright light causes your mind to remain alert and active. Put your alarm clock somewhere else. If I cannot sleep well, ticking of the clock is always a problem.
  3. Make sure that your mattress is tight and comfortable. Your bed must be neat and clean.
  4. Adjust your sleep time with your bio-clock. Make a timetable and go to sleep on that time. Within 21 days, you will get used to with this time. For example, whenever my clock tells that it is 10 PM, my body gives me the signal that I should sleep now.
  5. Take a warm shower. It is helpful in relaxing your muscles. In summer, a cold shower will do this job for you
  6. Stay away from big meals. Eat at least 45 minutes before you go to bed.
  7. Sometimes I have to do yoga before I go to bed because I cannot relax my body. Yoga stretches and relaxes my body and I can sleep well.

Try these tips, figure out what works for you, and put it in practical use.

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