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A Digital Wheelchair Scale Makes The Life Of The Handicapped A Plain Sailing

The life of a handicapped individual is tough, and is riddled with obstacles aplenty that make it tough for him/her to work around often. One such obstacle for these individuals is weighing. Traditional weighing scales require a person to stand on them and wait for their weight to be displayed. But most wheelchair-ridden individuals are unable to stand on their own, meaning that can't often get an accurate weight reading. That is why the advent of the wheelchair scale in recent years has been like a blessing for the handicapped, who are now able to monitor their weight accurately, without ever needing to get off the wheelchair.

A wheelchair scale uses the latest microprocessor and load cell technology to ensure that the patients get accurate and repeatable weight data. The four identically matched transducers of the wheelchair scale are strategically placed to provide an accurate representation of the patient's weight regardless of their weight distribution. The weight is displayed on an LCD screen, and can be viewed in either pounds or kilograms. Here are some of the features and advantages of using a wheelchair scale:

● With its 4-button keypad, the wheelchair scale is one of the simplest gadgets to operate.
● It incorporates a dynamic software to provide accurate weight readings, even when the patient is moving.
● The wheelchair scale comes with a detachable access ramp that is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. This ramp makes it easily accessible for patients.
● The wheelchair scale has built-in wheels, and its fold-up design, which make it portable and easy to store.
● The scale's low power microprocessor allows it to use alkaline batteries, which can provide 20,000 accurate readings. This does away with the need to use an external battery charger and eliminates the potential dangers associated with an AC cord.

The wheelchair scale have, over the last few years, become an asset for nursing homes, hospitals and other medical facilities, where a need for digital scales for patient situation could potentially arise. And what's best about the wheelchair scale is that they can even accommodate patients with heavy or oversized wheelchairs. They are the right gadget for you to own if you are a handicapped individual or an owner of a medical facility. And with so many websites now selling wheelchair scales online, your job of finding the suitable wheelchair scale is ever so easy. Just log on and find the correct scale for your facility.

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