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A Review on the Breast Actives Breast Enhancement Product

Breast Actives is one of the most talked about breast enhancement product all over the web. The product comes with herbal pills to help enhance breast growth and an anti-stretch mark cream. It also comes with an unbelievable 2 months worth of free trial.


Breast Actives contains Fennel and Fenugreek as its two main ingredients. These are clinically tested to help increase the size of a woman's breast and make it look fuller. Size and fullness are actually two different things. The size refers to measurement in inches, i. e. 32” etc. while fullness describes the cup size, i. e. cup A, B, C, and D. The fuller the breast is, the bigger the cup size.

Aside from measurement and cup size, this product also helps in making the breasts feel more firm and natural. Enhancements via surgical and medical procedures leave the breasts stiff so you can easily spot a fake boob.

Breast Actives – The Good Side

There is neither irritation nor adverse side effects associated with this product so it can actually be used by even the most sensitive of women. If there is any, it may have something to do with minimal soreness felt on the nipples when using the product, particularly the cream, for the first time. This is similar to the same soreness you feel during adolescence when breasts are just starting to grow. It will eventually go away.

There are less allergic reactions recorded as well based on user reviews. This can be attributed to the fact that most ingredients used are natural plant extracts and moisturizes. These have been tried and tested over the years so you are assured that there are no adverse chemical reactions when applying the cream or orally taking the pill.

This product will naturally enhance this specific female bodily part without the need for any surgical procedure. That also means there will be neither scars nor the presence of foreign materials (like silicone) in your body. You can be proud of real breasts not derived from fake boob jobs. Neither will there be hospitalization or recovery time which lasts for days or weeks, and no anesthesia necessary for a painful procedure.

Speaking of plant extracts, the phytoestrogen it contains can promise chest growth of up to 150%. Unlike other diet, , and breast enhancement products, Breast Actives follows a manufacturing process which is approved by the FDA. Aside from two months free trial offering, the manufacturer of the product also assures of a 90 day money back guarantee in case it does not deliver what it promises. That's something beyond what other supplementary herbal products can offer.

The Bad Side

However, it's only offered online and cannot be purchased in actual store locations. There is also a need to be diligent in consistently applying the cream and taking the pills regularly, otherwise it will not work as effectively as expected. This will be disadvantageous to anyone who is busy enough or tends to forget following the advised schedule of pill intake and cream application.


Breast Actives is a safe, effective, and affordable breast enhancement product. This is a great natural alternative to expensive and painful surgical procedures in the quest to increase your chest size.

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