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Alcohol Depression Causes, Consequence And Symptoms

Alcohol Depression Causes, Consequence And Symptoms

Causes of Alcoholism

There is no single cause for alcoholism.

• Alcoholic parents may increase the chance that their children could abuse alcohol.

• Some scientists report research which may indicate genetic causes for alcoholism but, at this point, cannot pinpoint any particular gene or its influence on alcoholism.

• Psychological factors like alcohol , conflicts in relationships, seeking relief from and tension and low self-esteem push some people toward alcoholism.

• Social contributors include easy availability and acceptance of alcohol consumption, lifestyles and peer pressure.

Consequences of Alcoholism

Alcoholism, like drug addiction, has far-reaching consequences on every sphere of human life.

Physical consequences

Alcoholism gradually attacks all body systems, crippling their functioning. It affects the nervous system of your body leading to increased levels of normal emotions like tension, and inhibitions. It destroys inner lining of gastrointestinal tracts and stomach causing vomiting, nausea and bleeding.

Many sufferers have memory blackouts, unstable walking and impaired sense of balance. You lose your ability to judge or concentrate on anything. Your body cannot absorb vitamins properly, leading to poor levels of essential nutrients in your body. The liver and pancreas suffer immense damage and alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis are often the result. Heart functioning becomes irregular and the incidence of high blood pressure, clotting disorders, heart attacks, anemia, low blood sugar levels, and high fat content in the blood is markedly increased.

Sexual dysfunction, leading to cessation of menstruation in women and erectile dysfunction in men, is another consequence. Alcohol consumption in pregnant women is believed to lead to malformation of the fetus with several behavioral problems, some of which are life-long impairments. Severe alcoholism can lead to muscular malfunctioning and cancer in vital organs with severe, even fatal, consequences.

Social Consequences

Social consequences of alcoholism and alcohol include unemployment, problems at home, souring of all relationships at all levels, higher incidence of traffic fatalities and other problems with police and other authorities. Alcoholism can be a major factor in violent crimes, date rape, child abuse and teen pregnancy.

It also causes immense havoc in the lives of your loved ones. The alcoholic completely disassociates themselves from the real world.

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