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All about DOT Therapy, Thousand oaks

Do you need to induce back that vernal skin, however don't need to run the chance of scarring and different side- effects? Then DOT medical aid could also be what you're searching for.

DOT medical aid is one amongst the newer developments in skin treatments. it's basically a optical maser treatment, however isn't just like the lasers that area unit unremarkably glorious. Generally, optical maser medical aid is completed employing a powerful, direct dioxide device. This features a higher risk of scarring, could be a harsher treatment, and a demand to rest for a protracted time once the procedure is completed.

In recent times, fractionalized optical masers have helped redefine dermatologic laser treatment. This procedure involves delivering a weaker energy stream during a series of micro-pixels, that is then projected onto the skin during a gameboard pattern. the little elements of skin thatare not treated encourage the skin to heal quicker, and involve less period of time. However, fractionalized laserprocedures involve multiple sessions and doesn't provide you with pretty much as good of results as dioxide lasers do.

The best answer for this is often a mixture of those technologies – DOT medical aid treatment. This involves a fractionated dioxide optical maser, that has the facility of the same old dioxide lasers, and therefore the gentleness of fractionalized lasers. The treatment will be completed in one session with marginal, if any, downtime. the probabilities of permanent scars area unit zero, because of the light nature of this procedure. It will be done on the forearms, hands, and neck – sensitive areas, that weren't treated with dioxide lasers, because of the chance of scarring.

As a part of the procedure, a pattern of small, however intense, light-weight pulses area unit sent to the skin. The device, that is adjustable, will emit optical maser light-weight of variable patterns and intensities, making certain that the doctor will customise the treatment in step with your necessities. the sunshine pulses will be spaced more apart, within the case of sensitive areas, or nearer along, to treat additional serious skin issues. a spread of sunshine patterns will be wont to increase the effectiveness of the procedure in reaching the contours round the mouth and nose to attain consistent and even results.

Despite the gentle nature of the aftereffects, this procedure provides you smart results. scarring, sun damage, badly stained skin, and intensive wrinkling will be improved or, possibly, even eliminated, with one visit to the doctor. this is often not a traditional skin resurfacing technique, however a deep-down skin rejuvenation, that involves the smallest amount inconvenience and discomfort. the simplest reality concerning this procedure is that the results look terribly natural, since it doesn't involve something artificial.

Therefore, if you're feeling that this procedure is what is going to provide you with that vernal skin, visit your Thousand Oaks doctor to induce this procedure in deep trouble yourself.

A good medical specialty follow views patients as distinctive people instead of merely variety, which could be a key principle at Pierre Skin Care Institute. A custom treatment set up is devised to suit your personal desires and goals. Patients can feel reception in their soothing state of the art facility. browse additional on: Dot medical aid thousand oaks.

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