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Ayurvedic Remedies To Build Energy In Men And Women

When it comes to ayurvedic remedies to build energy, shilajit is stated to be the wonderful remedy as this particular herb is known as ‘conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weaknesses'. This herb is known for its rich mineral content and this herb was widely used earlier and even now, herbal practitioner are recommending this herb for their patients, who complain about weakness. Even though, this herb is known for its ancient use, it is actually understood just a little about its exact origin. Even though, it is believed to be a mineral, there is still a doubt as to whether it is a plant material. It is gummy mineral and it is believed that this nature is due to the presence of mosses that played an important role in its formation.

Other herbs in Ayurveda for boosting energy: Besides shilajit, there are also other herbs in ayurvedic system of medicine to help with improving energy levels in the human. Let us gather some details about such ayurvedic remedies to build energy:

Ashwagandha: This is actually referred to as adaptogen herb and the reason for the same is that it supports the ability to cope with excess stress. This herb is one of the herbs used in ayurvedic formulas recommended for overall body rejuvenation. As compared to female reproductive system, it is known to be highly effective in strengthening male reproductive system. However, when it comes to increasing strength and stamina, it is effective for both men and women. It ensures proper nourishment to the tissues, particularly to the bones and muscles. Besides these things, it is known to be effective in calming vata dosha as well.

Safed musli: This herb has now gained high popularity for improving lovemaking performance in men. Even though, it is widely used for its libido enhancing properties among men, it is actually an energy booster and this is why it is stated that men, who cannot perform well in bed due to weakness can rely on this herb. It will also help in improving energy in female as well. This is why it forms an important part in ayurvedic remedies to build energy.

Saffron: Commonly known as kesar, this is yet another ayurvedic remedy to boost energy levels naturally. This is why kesar milk is given to the newly wed man to improve his performance in lovemaking. It can stimulate immune system and it can improve blood circulation, thereby acting as an excellent energy booster. It is also known for its cancer preventing properties.

There are many other ayurvedic remedies to build energy like shatavari, kavach beej, gokshura and kudzu. All these form part as ingredients in ayurvedic energy called as Sfoorti capsules. So, men and women looking for natural ways to boost their energy levels can very well rely on this herbal capsule, such that they can participate in their day-to-day activities with utmost enthusiasm.


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