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Becoming Depressed Through Judging

Why do we become depressed? Is it because something is bothering us? Or do we hurt yourself through the wrong approach to our lives?

That's a one-million dollar question I would say. Where do we stop to try and adapt and start to actively influencing our circumstances? Where is the balance between being calm and trying to influence the situation?

It's hard to say, but these days I came to believe that the best thing to do when you're depressed is to stop judging. Just accept everything that happens, without showing any personal feelings. For example, if there's a colleague that you dislike just let that person be.

Do not try to be “positive” about him, and do not try to be “negative”. Try to understand that there's a huge difference between that man and your attitude to him. Try to stay calm and unattached.

So, how to fight ? It's both easy and hard. It's easy because all you have to do is stop judging your surroundings, and it's very hard to do just for the same reason.

In fact, there already exists and ancient philosophy called “Zen” that teaches exactly that – to accept everything without judging. So, learning to accept is the first thing you should do on your way to defeating .

However, this is not all. Once you learn to accept your life the way it is, you will still have to fix things that bother you. The difference now is that your vision will be much more clear, and you'll be able to understand better what is really bothering you and what is not.

You will not tend to apply too much weight to something, and you will begin to see the hidden things that caused you to be depressed. Now you will be armed and ready to identify them and take them out, one by one. Now you will not feel bad when dealing with people who want to control you, as you will see clearly all of their schemes.

Applying the right approach to your life is important if you want to learn how to fight . Don't try to be “optimistic” and “positive”, through out these lenses and learn to perceive your life the way it is. Then, and only then you will have the power to stop being depressed.

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