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Benefit with Botox Cosmetic, Charlotte

Botox is a safe and convenient method to treat skin wrinkling.

Your wrinkles tell your life story. There are wrinkles for all the times you've laughed, frowned, worried, or squinted. When you are past a certain age, wrinkles increase each year. Some of these wrinkles are deep furrows and lines that sit on your face permanently, unlike the temporary wrinkles that form when you squint your eyes against the sun for a few seconds. Your Charlotte NC dermatologist will call these deep furrows ‘expression lines' because they form as a result of your facial expressions. Not only do they make you look older than you really are, they also give the impression of tiredness. That's why there are now many techniques to get rid of these expression lines!

Deep wrinkles used to be difficult to treat. Not anymore. Botox is a muscle relaxing substance that is widely used to treat deep lines. It is FDA approved, and perfectly safe for most people. Now you can laugh, frown, and squint all you want without worrying about the aftereffects!

What is Botox ?

It is a therapeutic agent sourced from Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium. It came on the market over a decade ago and is still going strong. However, originally, it was used to treat blepharospasm (uncontrolled muscle contraction in the eye area). Over the years, Botox has diversified in its application. Doctors are now using it as a cosmetic agent to treat the effects of aging and visible stress related signs.

How does Botox Cosmetic achieve results?

It's simple to understand if you know have some basic knowledge of how facial and neck muscles work. The brain signals the muscles to contract and extend. There are receptors in the muscles to receive these signals. Botox Cosmetic simply blocks these receptors, which prevents the muscles from responding to the signals sent by the brain. Therefore, the muscles relax for long periods rather than having to contract repeatedly. Usually, the facial muscles get rest only when one is asleep. However, due to the action of Botox Cosmetic the facial muscles are relieved a great deal. This means that the overlying skin too is relaxed and unwrinkled for long periods.

The treatment is achieved through an injection into facial muscle. It's very quick, requiring about 10 minutes. All you feel is a prick on the skin so there is no need for anesthesia.

In order to provide the very best care for patients, Darst Dermatology stays up to date on the ever-changing science and technology behind dermatology. Patients are provided with a superior level of care with excellent results while enjoying a warm, friendly staff and soothing, comfortable environment. Read more on: Botox Charlotte NC.

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