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Caring for your hair during winter

Winter is the hairs worst enemy. Frosty and cold air can cause damage to each strand resulting in excessive dryness, split ends, and worst of all breakage. Here are some useful tips that will help you maintain the of those tresses.

Tips for winter care for the hair

  • * Investing in a good quality shampoo and conditioner is the first step. Too much shampooing should also be avoided as the hair is already dry in winter. Washing once or twice and use of luke-warm water to rinse is recommended.
  • * Using a suitable conditioner and focusing on the strands of hair while avoiding the scalp is essential. This gives shine and prevents breakage.
  • * Applying a hair mask once a week keeps the locks healthy.
  • * Avoid using hairdryer as much as possible. Ideally it is always good to dry hair naturally. If a hairdryer is used, it should be set on the “cool” mode as it is gentler though time-consuming.
  • * Stepping outside with wet hair should be avoided as cold weather can freeze the hair at the cuticle and cause it to break.
  • * It is important to use good quality styling tools like curling tongs or hair straighteners. A nourishing defense spray or leave on conditioner afterwards is essential. This is very important during winter because cold wind, rain and the added heat from these styling tools all contribute to hair damage.
  • * Moisturizing hair is important in all seasons. Moisturizing with hot oil once a week is essential to promote healthy scalp. The natural oils that will particularly work well are almond oil, coconut oil and avocado oil.
  • * It is essential to cut hair or rather trim it every six to eight weeks to get rid of split ends.
  • * Covering the hair with scarf or a hat is essential to lock the moisture in the tresses and save it from breakage. It is better to use a silk scarf rather than a cotton one.
  • * Hair damage is controlled when hair is tied up and not let loose, particularly when out and during .
  • * Peroxide laden colors should be avoided. Low lights or highlights added to just a few strands will give that extra glow. Using a no-peroxide hair color or a low peroxide color is recommended.
  • * As hair is drier and is susceptible to break, over brushing should be avoided. A wide toothed comb can be used to detangle the tresses.
  • * Keeping hair conditioned will prevent static electricity. An anti-static spray can also be used to control the static in the hair.
  • * Using fabric softeners to clothes especially to garments that are worn over the head will reduce the static electricity in the hair.
  • * Henna packs should be avoided as it may further dry the hair.
  • * Vigorous towel drying hair or rubbing it back and forth lifts up the cuticle layer of the hair and makes it rough and dull.
  • * Using a super absorbent microfiber towel and gently blotting is recommended.
  • * Heated olive oil mixed with honey is a great hydrating hair mask.
  • * A mixture of yoghurt, honey and almond oil will control frizz.
  • * Wrapping the hair in a silk cloth before going to bed will help in controlling the frizz.
  • * Switching on to silk pillow cases instead of cotton varieties is recommended as cotton draws moisture away from the hair.

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