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Depression Causes – Why Do They Escape Our Eyes?

Answering the “why am I depressed” question is not always easy. It's not that the actual causes of are so elusive, it's just that we often don't want to see them.

You won't believe how many times we prefer to be blind, especially if other people's interests are involved. We blame ourselves too much while refusing to try and solve the problem once and for all.

Take your job for example. Do you really enjoy it? If you do, I'm happy for you. However, somehow I think that you aren't that satisfied with your position. But what do we do to solve our problems? Too often too little.

Why? Probably because it's painful to change the status quo. We're afraid our boss will find out we're looking for new job, we are unsure how our spouse will react, and there are myriads of other excuses. May sound silly, but we prefer to kill ourself little by little going to a job we hate instead of admitting that our career needs significant and quick improvement.

Think about it. Is your job really worth it? Do you honestly believe that you can't get anything better? I find it hard to accept, mostly because there aren't that many things in the world that outweigh the pain of daily, boring routine.

Often people can't leave because their job “pays well”. Doesn't seem like a good reason to me. After all, what is the price of your happiness and inner peace? How much does your , in dollars? What sum would you pay to get out of ?

Have no illusions, a job can be extremely painful and depressive if you hate it. After all, that's something that you have to do almost every day for the rest of your life!

Another good example is unhappy marriage. You won't believe how many people don't want to realize that their marriage is dead just because they are afraid of divorce!

I agree that divorce is not the most pleasant procedure in the world, but:

A) No one in saying that you must get a divorce, as there are myriads of ways to fix your marriage without destroying it.

B) Even if divorce seems the only option, it is still much better than living together in hate. People may be worried about kids, but it never occurs to them the children will barely enjoy a family where mom and dad want to tear each other apart!

I know out of my own experience how blind can we be when we want to avoid the truth. However, truth is the only thing that can set you free and solve your problems!

Don't be afraid to admit that some area in your life needs fixing. It may be tough, but no matter what happens, just a mere fact that you won't have to say “help I'm depressed” again should outweigh all the trouble!

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