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Effective Benefits of Cryo Cuff

Well, here is the answer. A Cryo Cuff is a cold and a compression therapy that is used to relive pain and swelling in patients post therapy. This therapy is called Cryo therapy.

Now what is Post-Operative care in patients? The answer lies in the question itself. The care that a patient needs after his surgery or an operation is called Post-Operative care. This care is needed in patients to ensure their speedy recovery once they are discharged from the hospital and also to take care of their physical and psychological well-being.

A cryo cuff is basically a device that is wrapped around the body part that needs post-operative care be it knee, shoulder, hip, hand, wrist, ankle, elbow or rib. The device is filled with cold water. It basically has 4 parts namely a cuff, a cooler, an insulation disk and a tube.

The whole unit of cryo cuff works like this. The cuff covers the body part where it is applied with ice water that is pressurized. The cooler contains water and ice which it is able to maintain inside it for about 6-8 hours. The disk inside it called the insulation disk helps maintain the water and ice cold. The tube in turn is used to exchange the cold water between the cuff and the cooler.

Cryo Therapy has proved to reduce the occurrence of bleeding inside the joints post operation in patients. If this therapy is used at the early stages after an operation, pain and swelling can be reduced by considerable margins.

There was a study done by Schroder Passler where he compared the cryo cuff use with cold ice and hot ice therapy. It was found and proved that patients who used the compression therapy recovered faster, had lesser swelling and needed much lesser pain killers.

The cryo cuff comes with 2 types of coolers; Motorized and Non-Motorized. In Non-Motorized cooler the water needs to be refilled or exchanged every 1-2 hours whereas in a Motorized cooler which is also known as the Autochill system, there is no need for a manual exchange of water. It automatically rotates cold water from the cuff to the cooler using the electronic pump.

Like any other product, cryo cuffs also need a care. Basic care includes draining out the water from the cuff, tube and the cooler. For draining the tube, it needs to be raised while the tip of the quick disconnect is pressed. The cooler should be stored with the tap in the Off position in order to allow it to dry. The cuff, cooler and the tube can also be cleaned at regular intervals using the liquid soap in hot water in the cooler. It should be rinsed completely and thoroughly.

As good as cryo theraoy is, it should not be used by patients suffering from Raynaud's or Vasospastic disease. It should also not be used by people who are hypersensitive to cold, have decreased skin sensitivity or low local circulation.

Most importantly, the longevity of use of this therapy should be determined according to the patient's needs and also as per advised by your healthcare experts.

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