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False Eyelash Glue: What it is, Types and Application

Having trouble with thin, weak and dull eyelashes? Desire those dramatic eyes? Eyelashes outline the real of the eyes and it is but natural for you to want beautiful, thick and long eyelashes that define the eyes. But, there are ways to make your eyes look more sensual, even if you are not naturally blessed with the best eyelashes. False eyelash extensions can make your lashes look bold, beautiful and drop dead gorgeous! While we are at false eyelashes, we can't afford to miss that all-important eyelash glue!

Even with the best and the trendiest eyelash extensions in the market, all your efforts will go in vain if you do not choose the best eyelash glue to compliment them! Here are all the essentials you need to know that will help you choose the best eyelash glue.

Eyelash adhesive is simply a essential, which is used to fix fake eyelashes either on top of your natural lash line or in between them. This basically keeps your fake lashes from moving and fixes them firmly, making it look natural! Most often adhesive comes in a white, gray or clear paste that goes transparent on drying, or some of it could even be tinted. Though a few fake eyelashes come with a pre-packed adhesive, this glue can be used only on the first instance of wearing them.

Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing the best eyelash glue!

When selecting the best, it is vital to know that there are more than many types of glues on the market. You are also entitled to know how each of them is applied. This information can shepherd you on what to select and when to select which type of eyelash glue. By all means, some fake lashes come with their own pre-formulated glue, especially those for a single use. Nonetheless, most of the semi-permanent lash extensions might call for you to purchase a separate bottle of eyelash adhesive.

The prime consideration when choosing the best adhesive is their types. The three most commonly available glues are the latex, liquid and cream. Other than these three basic types, there are two other kinds of adhesives for false eyelashes, the regular one and the waterproof eyelash glue. People who like to cry, have teary eyes or might be prone to humid conditions should better opt for the waterproof eyelash glue. If moisture doesn't concern your eyes, stick to the regular eyelash glue.

The next most important consideration you ought to make while choosing the type of eyelash glue is your skin. Know whether your skin is regular, sensitive, dry or oily and cautiously choose the glue that compliments your skin the best!

Best way to apply and remove eyelash glue

How to apply the adhesive will depend on what type of false eyelashes you are using and how you want them to appear. More often than not, to apply it, you will hold the fake lashes using your fingertips, and carefully apply a thin layer on the band or baseline of the strip lashes. As an alternative, you could apply a few drops of it onto a clean surface, allow it to dry a bit and spread it on the lash using a toothpick. Remove fake lashes before going to bed. Dab an ear bud with extra virgin olive oil and gently swipe it on the base of your fake eyelashes. After a few minutes, gently pull of those fake lashes.

Use the above information to choose the best eyelash glue and add that much-needed drama to your beautiful eyes!

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