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Fight Cancer Better With American Wisconsin Ginseng Root Tea

One of the most debilitating diseases to affect a person is Cancer. It literally sucks the life out of the person, sapping all his/her energy, forcing him/her to be rendered useless, over time. In such a stressful period, it is absolutely necessary that he/she gets some sort of respite through any herb or medicine that could offer it. There are many that are doing the rounds these days; but most people have their concerns over the ' risks and side effects. That is why herbal are the need of the hour: especially for cancer patients, who can be severely affected by any side effect from a supplement.

One herbal supplement which has been proven to be of benefit for cancer patients, recently, is American Ginseng. American Ginseng is a herbaceous perennial plant in the ivy family, that has been commonly used as Chinese and herbal medicine since the 19th century. Native to north America, the plant's forked out leaves and roots were traditionally used by Native Americans for medicinal applications.

A recent study, conducted by the reputed Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, analyzed 282 patients who were suffering from various forms of cancer. Deborah Barton, who was the lead author of the study, gave the patients either a placebo or American Ginseng (in three different doses of 750 milligrams. 1000 milligrams or 2000 milligrams). The results of the study showed that more than twice as many patients in the higher dose (1000 and 2000 milligrams) groups experienced much less fatigue, as compared to the placebo and lower American Ginseng dosage (750 milligrams) groups. Consequently, these groups also experienced higher levels of energy. This is because American Ginseng is a powerful adaptogen that contains ginsenosides that affects the insulin levels and lowers the blood sugar levels of the body. That in turn relieves stress, fights off infections, improves physical performance and as discussed above, reduces fatigue in cancer patients.

With such benefits, it is especially vital that cancer patients look to take this nutritional supplement, to fight off their disease better. And, although the results of the study need to be validated by a larger study, starting off with the inferences of this study could prove really beneficial for the patients. The best way to consume American Ginseng is by drinking American Wisconsin Ginseng root tea, with the root containing the bulk of adaptogens. You can look for American Ginseng tea bags on the internet, with a glut of websites selling it commercially.

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