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Get a Comprehensive Gait Analysis To Improve Your Performance

At Ten Point you can get a complete analysis of your body posture to determine the changes and modifications which can help you attain maximum efficiency and performance. At Ten Point you can get complete movement analysis to help you maximize your performance. The company provides you with complete postural analysis and bio mechanical analysis to assess your bone structure. The experts can determine the most suited running style and posture. You are also provided with complete assistance on how you can attain and achieve that posture.

The company uses hi tech and sophisticated equipment to carry out a complete movement analysis of your body movements. The equipment is able to analyse the positioning of your joints while you are in motion. A complete description of the movements in your joints can be provided to you to help you attain your complete potential. The comprehensive assessment strives to understand the exact the plane in your body where the movement occurs as well as the the muscle that produces the movement.

The assessment also aims to understand The function of the muscles while you are in motion as well as the type of contractions that your muscles undergo. Thus you can get a complete understanding of the underlying physical changes in your body when you are running. This will help you in making the required improvements in your running style. The experts also carry out a complete analysis of your hip, knee and ankle joints while you are running in forward motion.

Everything from your hip joint to the hinge joints are analysed to give you the exact changes that you can incorporate in your running style in order to improve your running.

High quality and comprehensive Gait Analysis also aims to understand if all your movements are in sync. It will provide you with the exact causes that affect your performance. You are therefore able to reach your true potential with the help of the best in class equipment and tests.The company provides you with a range of tests which can help you understand the bio mechanism of your body. You can easily incorporate the changes in your running style with the help of the comprehensive assessment performed by experts. This can be extremely beneficial for your especially if you choose to pursue athletics as a profession.

You can get complete running solutions for all your needs. Thus it can help you in achieving your ideal potential. Theanalysis also helps you by locating the weak spots in your body to help you identify the exact problem causing factors. You can find out what is causing you to get slowed down. The experts will carry out a complete posture analysis to be able to conclusively determine how you can improve your running style. With the correct physical posture you can easily achieve greater results. For more information visit : http://www.ten-point.co.uk/

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