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Grow Longer Eyelashes Using Natural Remedies

If you would like to find out how to grow longer eyelashes but don't have much spare cash, thankfully there are several all natural options you can use to get longer, thicker eyelashes without breaking the bank!

A lot of people perceive longer and thicker eyelashes as a plus in terms of . This is why many people will use lashings of dark mascara to enhance their natural lashes and to make them frame the eyes perfectly and stand out more.

As well as using mascara, fake eyelashes are frquently used as well, particularly when going somewhere special when you need a quick fix. However, these can sometimes feel cumbersome and be hard to fix and remove.

Before you go down the path of fakes eyelashes or buying eyelash growth products, why not try some of these natural techniques to grow longer eyelashes.

a) Make sure you try Vitamin E oil. A new eyelash brush can be used to apply a little oil to your lashes.

b) With today's fast food diets, ensure you take a multivitamin tablet every day. The body needs natural food to get the vitamins it craves to keep you healthy, including your hair.

c) It may sound strange, but brushing your eyelashes regularly can also help them grow. Do you recall the saying that you should brush your hair one hundred times for good growth? Similarly, the same applies to your lashes as long as you make sure you clean your lash brush regularly.

d) As with other areas of your , sleep is a great way to encourage your body to perform at it's full potential. If you think of your body as a formula one car, it will only function with first class treatment so keep your body well hydrated, get the right vitamins and minerals and plenty of sleep. Your hair, including your lashes will benefit greatly from such treatment.

e) Some people believe that natural lubricants such as olive oil or petroleum jelly will help you grow your lashes faster, but personally, I'd avoid petroleum jelly given it's petrol based is likely to be more difficult to remove! If you choose to use these types of lubricant in place of a purpose designed eyelash growth serum, then wash it off gently, but thoroughly in the morning.

Do try some of the above instead of false eyelashes and before you spend out on the eyelash growth serums. If you try the latter, do your homework and find a natural one that isn't too cheap or too expensive. The investment pays off for many, but not all.

So, copy some of your grandmother's tricks mentioned above and use their know how that has been passed down through the ages to help you grow longer eyelashes now.

There are a few more ways you can try and get longer lashes and you can find out more tips and tricks about how to grow longer eyelashes at www.eyelashgrower.org. You will also find some helpful tips on shaping your eyebrows.

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