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How Pilates is Best for Your Back Pain in Singapore

Pilates exercises in Singapore are best for building strength within the core, correcting weaknesses and imbalances, and increasing flexibility in the muscles around the spine. Pilates has a multitude of benefits like toned abs, a shapely, firm body and long, lean limbs, to name a few. But, it can actually serve best when it comes to warding off back pain. The best Pilates exercises strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the core, which support the spine's natural curvature. Spinal misalignment is associated with a laundry list of pains, ailments, and aches, from things as grim as lumbar cancer to as seemingly docile as everyday back pain. Using the best Pilates workouts in Singapore can help prevent spinal misalignment, unnecessary injuries to the lower back and poor posture. Here are the best Pilates moves in Singapore to help you strengthen your back.

Before starting this routine, ensure that your muscles are warmed up (15 minutes of cardio is ideal). These best Pilates moves are broken down into groups of three. For best results, do 15 repetitions of each of the exercises and 1-3 sets of each group before moving to the next move.

#1 Pilates Move

Lie face-down on a mat, with your legs and arms extended to make a straight line. Place an object like a yoga block or a dumbbell on the floor above head at arm's length. Rest both your hands to the left of the object so the body makes an arch towards the left. Lift your arms and legs up while contracting your core muscles and form an exaggerated arc to your right. Slowly lower your hands on the right of the object. Let both your hands and feet touch the ground for a moment, before returning to the left with an arch. Continue lifting your arms up and over the object until you have completed a set time period or a set number of repetitions. Consider one arch in each direction to be one repetition.

#2 Pilates Move

Distribute your weight evenly between your knees and elbows while getting down on all four. Ensure that your knees are directly under your hip and your elbows are right under your shoulder sockets. Engage your muscles by pulling your stomach into your spine. Extend one of your legs backwards, with your toes pointed and barely touching the floor. Keeping your hips level, and your leg perfectly straight and stationary, slowly lift your leg as high as possible without arching your back. Gently lower your leg to almost touch the ground, but do not touch it until you are done with one complete set. To repeat, switch to the other leg and continue.

#3 Pilates Move

Start on your left side with your elbow directly under your shoulder. Bend your knee perpendicular to your body; you should keep a straight line from shoulder to knee. Extend your other leg completely to form a straight line from ankle to shoulder. Contract your core muscles and inhale, putting all of your weight on your elbow and the bent knee. Slowly exhale as you push into your knee and elbow to lift your hip up as high as possible. At the same time, lift your other arm in an arching motion over your head to your abdomen. Then slowly let your hip and arm drop down within an inch of the ground. Perform this move for a set number of repetitions, then switch to the opposite side and repeat.

Trying the best Pilates in Singapore for back pain is always a smart choice; there is no medication involved and it's not invasive. It stands to improve your overall and level. If you are troubled by back pain and want to get rid of it without medications, then try the above Pilates moves for best results in Singapore.

The Pilates Flow Studio in Singapore has the best instructors to help you with both reformer and mat based Pilates exercises to condition your whole mind-body system. To learn more about Pilates for your back, you may visit wikiHow.

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