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How to Boost Muscle Recovery

Sports can be a useful way to give your workout a boost. For example, taking sports supplement powders that stimulate muscle growth can help you reach your goals a little quicker. For instance, Body Supreme whey diet protein effectively encourages muscle growth and is an excellent source of protein. It's not a substitute for food and proper of course, but having to constantly eat can take its toll on you, and can be a great way to resupply your body without having to make sure that you're eating ten meals a day just to keep up!

As with any kind of , building muscle requires that you supply your body with enough energy to stimulate muscle growth. However, it's also important that you allow your body to recover as well. While it's tempting to push yourself further every day because you want to start seeing results, in the long run this will only impede your progress. We're not suggesting that you start acting like a couch potato or slacking off, but it's vital that you take time off from intensive exercising in order to reach your strength goals.

By taking a day's rest between workouts, you allow your body to recover the muscle that you've broken down during . Here are some of the best ways to stimulate muscle recovery.

can help your workout, but they can also speed up the recovery process so you can get back into your routine faster. For example, glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a hugely important part in muscle protein development. Intense periods of can lead to your glutamine levels diminishing, which can encourage muscle breakdown. Optimum glutamine powder is flavourless and mixes well with anything, making it an ideal addition to your post-workout protein shake.

Promote Circulation

When you take a day off from intensive exercising, make sure that you keep your arms and legs moving to get the blood flowing. By opening and closing your joints your body is flooded with fresh synovial fluids which nourish and lubricate the affected areas whilst expelling waste and scar tissue. Rotate your arms, wrists and knees in low-intensity clockwise and counter-clockwise circles for the best effect.

Swap out your workout

Remember when we said you didn't have to be a couch potato on your day off? To encourage muscle recovery, you'd be better off exchanging your intensive plan for Isometric exercised instead. So take some time to perform some gentle and controlled stretches as well as moves for building strength. This type of exercise allows you to engage your muscles for a longer period of time while creating the nutrients you need for your next intensive work out.

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