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How To Fight Depression And Overcome It

How to fight ? What is the general plan, the strategy, the grand idea? How can you overcome once and for all, and make sure it will never come back?

These questions are very important to say the least. You'll be amazed how many people can't overcome because they don't have a good plan and understanding of what they really have to fix in their lives.

Before we review our “how to fight ” plan, let's see how we should NOT fight it. The first mistake you could make is to attempt to ignore your depression. You'll be surprised how often people do that, and of course such strategy never really works.

The second major mistake is to try and “force” yourself to be happy. Of course you'll know deep inside that your life is burning, but you'll still do your best to smile and be just like “everyone else”.

Don't do it to yourself, it's a real torture. I tried it once because I also believed that if you smile and pretend to be happy then somehow your depression will fade. Big mistake!

Even if you do manage to “lighten” your depression temporarily using this approach, what you're doing is just “tightening the spring”. You aren't really solving anything, just delaying the inevitable. Rest assured that one day this tower of self-deceit will come crush down on you, and you will regret you were trying to “cheat” your way out of depression.

Let's see how to fight depression the right way, though. I firmly believe that clinical depression is caused either by objective circumstances or by expectations that other people imposed on you.

While it's pretty much obvious how to fix the objective environment (you just go out there and apply good old direct action), I'd like to talk a about letting go of imposed expectations.

Let's say you have a job that you hate with all your heart. Why did you take it in the first place? Why didn't you try something else, like building your own business?

In most cases that choice can be tracked down to other people. You probably took that job because your mom and dad told you so, and they did that because they believed it's the best option for you. However, since it is your life on the line here, you have full the right to make the decisions by yourself.

Never listen to others when it comes to deciding about important things in your life! Always listen to your guts, -and you'll see how false expectations will vanish like a bad dream, together with your depression.

Should you wish to know more – I'm always there at my “Help I'm Depressed” website. Oh, and you can also check my “I'm depressed” Squidoo lens.

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