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How to Get Fit Fast – Be Phony!

Learning how to get fit fast doesn't have to be drudgery or mysterious. If you want to know how to get fit fast you just need a few tools and a strategy. Right? Well have you considered being phony?

Not making sense, well, stick with me.

I'm a geek. Yes, I admit it. Thus I am happy with how technology has profoundly changed our lives. Just think about it – can you even imagine life without your smart phone? When was the last time you actually “remembered” someone's phone number? And being productive without a computer?

Truth is, for better or worse, we have become extremely dependent on technology.

Enough chat you say? Show me how to get fit fast using my phone. How can a phone get you fit? Well here's the answer – applications. Yep! Smart phone apps can teach you how to get fit fast!

There are numerous applications on the android market that can help you get fit. One of my absolute favorites is called JEFIT. This is one awesome app!

Just check out some of its features:

How to get fit fast – Workout Planner

• User friendly routine coach .

• Create your own workout routines effortlessly using built-in exercises or design your own

• Variable sets for each

• design Super-Sets

• Create multiple routines – Bulking, Cutting etc.

How to Get Fit Fast – Smart Logging System

• Automatically input weights and reps

• Automatically record your 1 Rep Maximum (1RM)

• Automatically save your best lift for each

• View log details easily using Calendar Mode

How to Get Fit Fast – Progress Tracking

• Track lifting and body stats via Graphic Chart

• Body fat, height, weight and body measurement

• Automatically calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

And if that wasn't enough, there are other great features as well…

Integrated logs are one of my favorite. It keeps the data of previous workout data for comparison. A must have for keeping track of your progress.

It also features a save option and timer for predetermined rest periods between exercises.

In summary, JEFIT is flat out awesome.


• Tons of features

• Progress Logs

• Stats

• Database of Exercises and Customizable Exercises

• Animation showing correct form

• Ability to setup multiple routines and easily switch between them


• Not quite as intuitive as it could be

Thank you for reading; How to Get Fit Fast – Be Phony. Feel free to leave me a comment.

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