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How to Warm-Up on a Trampoline

Do you want to and enjoy the physical activity at the same time in the comfort of your own residence? Well, you need only one piece of equipment, that is, a . It is a device that allows you to bounce up and down higher than normal. A few years ago, it is used as a toy for children or training equipment for gymnasts and athletes. Presently, it is regarded as a great equipment.

Trampolining conditions your whole body. Here are basic exercises that you can execute on your .

1. Basic bounce
Simply get on your and start bouncing up without moving your arms. Initiate and end every bounce with your feet on the jumping area. This will help you warm your blood and start burning . Try your best to bounce and maintain the exact same height in every jump. Do around 20 repetitions per set and relax for one minute after every set. You can begin with two sets per day and increase the number of sets as your endurance builds up.

2. Bounce and kick
If you wish some of extra challenge and action to the rudimentary bounce routine, try this. When you bounce up, immediately raise your right leg as if you are kicking. Bring your leg down as you your feet touch the bounce mat. When you bounce up again, do a flying kick this time using the left leg. Similar to your routine in the basic bounce, try your best to reach 20 reps per set at 2 or more sets.

3. Stretching
Your can be also be used as a frame to do some stretching exercises. When doing so, you don't have to bounce. Simply lie on the bounce mat with your feet touching one side of the frame. Reach out beyond your head with your arms and try to touch the other side of frame. You can do variations like stretching in a prone position or spreading your arms and legs.

4. Bounce and stretch
Do the basic bounce as mentioned above. But when you bounce up, stretch your arms up in the air. It is your option to stretch both your arms or a single arm at a time. You can also create a few variations like stretching forward instead of reaching up.

Purchase one of those top-quality trampolines and happy trampolining!

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