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Kettlebell Competition Strategies – Done with your strategies for this 10 Minutes Game Show?

Girevoy Sport, strictly not for beginners and seriously not for players who are working on power-endurance modules of their training. Reserving the highest level of award podium in a kettlebell competition strategies, is not an easy task. Winning requires inbuilt traits like technique, flexibility, aerobic capacity, power and strength, breathing patterns, and most importantly, Mental Focus. You got to strain yourself beyond limits and then only you can be in the headlines.

For many of us, girevoy sport is more likely Olympic weightlifting. Actually, it is not. Unlike powerlifting, in this competition of kettlebell, the player is expected to perform repetitions of lifting sub-maximum load as many as time as he can in 10 Minutes. Irrefutably, athletes do practice a lot, nonetheless, there is always one winner and two runner-ups. In a race-course, all jockeys are trained and all horses are of top-breed. Out of all these, there is only one lucky winner who become a million-dollars horse. “Competition Strategies makes the difference.”

Try following these strategies. Straight from a winner.

In my high school, I always followed it. I always used the same pen for writing my exam that I used for my practice/revision sessions. Treat your gym bag as your most important buddy. Try using the same chalk, spray bottle, lifting shoes and wrist protection that you were using at your practice session. At a side, it will guarantee you about the firmness of foam roller and on the other side, it will make you feel like you are on kettlebell training and not any kettlebell competition. Miss not to counter-check your gear with the one in competition rules. Avoid last minute disappointments and should you see any difference, replace it as per standards and buckle up, dude. In plainer terms, do whatever it takes to make you feel relaxed; that's the top priority.

Beat the stress to be the best
Competition and stress are two sides of the same coin. Competition is a 10 minutes evaluation of whatever you been doing from the last couple of weeks or months or years. Whatever you gave up, this climactic conclusion will either make you proud of that or may shatter all beliefs. The moment is very important and does not let stress kill it. Don't let anything to suck the best out of you, teach your nerves to stay within limits. Beware of energy suckers around you. Tying yourself to an electric competition atmosphere means intense . Before you warm up for your sets, go for a walk, enjoy the natural and if not possible, sit in an isolation and listen to some music or play some mobile games. Just Chill is the what control your nerves from distractions and save you from being emotionally drained before the action.

Race, Pace, and Chase
Working on pace strategies is very important. Do not let the clock beat your pace and do not even try putting yourself in a race or chase with it. In an intoxicated atmosphere, most of the athletes become slaves of the time. They want to finish before they start, thus, they start very fast. At the end, all they are left with no or low energy and high heart rate, confirming their failure. Learn to control your pace. The show must go on.

Tiered goal, won't let you tire
Instead of aiming the top, better have layered goals. Start with something smaller and then keep on adding to it. Achieving small goals will not only boost you for achieving more but will also develop a sense of a winner within you.

In the nutshell, to win a kettlebell competition you do need some exceptionally good kettlebell competition strategies. Stay calm, go slow, aim realistically and most important, JUST DO IT.

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