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New Jersey Armlift Pro on SmartLipo for Love Handles

EDISON MARLBORO AND WARREN, NEW JERSEY – Although the term love handles sounds cute, the majority of people – male and female – do not consider them an asset.

Extra fat in in the outer waist area (love handles) and lower back area is a stubborn major source of insecurity for many.

So what are they to do when love handles have got a hold on them?

First of all, there is always diet and , which, is a great place to start however, while targeted muscles can be tightened, achieving targeted fat reduction is a different story.

“Plastic surgery isn't meant to be used as a substitution for a healthy diet and , ” says Dr. Shain Cuber, a top plastic surgeon and New Jersey nose job specialist. “However, when someone is unable to achieve the sculpting they desire naturally, surgery is in line to achieve customized and lasting results. ”

Lose love handles the smart way – w/ SmartLipo
SmartLipo adds the power of laser technology to traditional liposuction procedures. This improvement allows surgeons to use smaller, less invasive cannulas when removing excess fat since the laser liquefies fat. This contributes to more efficient healing which can potentially tighten skin opposed to worsening it like traditional methods are known to do. Areas that can be addressed with SmartLipo include the body, face and neck.

SmartLipo is an in-office procedure and – in this case – involves sculpting the outer hips and lower back to create a silhouette that appears sleeker when viewed from multiple angles. Patients are able to return home following surgery and return to their regular routines as long as it doesn't include heavy lifting. In such a case, they may be advised to take it easy for just under a week.

SmartLipo is a hit among celebrities like Tami Roman of Basketball Wives who turned to the procedure when diet and failed to deliver the figure she desired.

Repurpose excess fat
While the fat being harvested with liposuction from a patient's back and hips may have looked unflattering where it was, that does not mean that it won't improve another area.

Hollow or nonexistent cheeks, droopy derrieres and thin lips are only a few of the areas that can be improved with the addition of harvested fat; a procedure known as fat grafting.

Fat grafting involves having unwanted fat harvested with liposuction where appropriate, followed by processing and transferring that fat to specific areas to achieve desired enlargement.

After processing the harvested fat, it can be injected or frozen for later, subsequent injections to build a customized result.

Those interested in adding fat grafting to their liposuction procedure, should make sure they mention this desire to their New Jersey plastic surgeon during their consultation as additional preparations such as consulting with a surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery procedures such as fat grafting may be required.

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