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Pilates Studio as a Fitness Business

Pilates has become one of the popular regimes in the world, since its inception in the early 20th century in Europe. Pilates are strengthening and toning exercises practiced for balance, body mechanics, coordination and flexibility. Pilate studios are places where the practitioners train. They are specialized places, which have the equipment, space, and other facilities required to practice this form of . A fully equipped studio will have all the apparatus such as ladder barrel, chair, spine corrector, magic circle and smaller barrels.

A well-equipped studio will have four pieces of equipment

 Reformer: It is a gliding board where a person can lie, kneel, sit or stand. It is a system of pulleys, springs and straps on which the person can use to pull and push his/her body as it glides alongwith the rails on either side of the board. This equipment is used to strengthen and tone the muscles of the legs, arms and abdominals.

 Cadillac: The cadillac or trapeze table is a common equipment found in studios. It is a raised table similar to a four-poster bed. The frame has several bars, springs and straps that hang from bars across the four posts. Different workouts can be performed using the caddilac such as situps, back bending etc. It helps in toning the abdominal muscles and helps making the spine more flexible. The caddilac also helps in strengthening the back muscles.

 Arc Barrel: The arc barrel is special equipment, compared to others. The barrel is a padded arch that works to support the neck, hips and the shoulders. This equipment is mostly used by Pilate practitioners for injury management and rehabilitation.

 Chair: The Pilates chair weights around 65 kgs and comes with wheels to make it easier to move. Pilates students usually perform more than 70 exercises on this chair. The chair works the lowerback, shoulders and the abdomen.

Other Pilate equipments include Pilate mats, resistance bands and circle rings. These resistance bands and circle rings are used to strengthen muscle strength without using weights.

Establishing a Pilate Studio

If you are keen on having business in , there are many excellent opportunities to start a Pilates studio. Some of the basic considerations before starting a studio are mentioned below:

 Experience: It is important to understand the fundamentals of Pilates before starting a studio. Instructors for this form of usually have a background as an aerobic or yoga trainer. Many instructors have practiced Pilates for several years and have the ability to train, interested aspirants. Before opening a formal studio, it is important to understand the basics of Pilates and availability of necessary resources for starting the studio.

 Availability of space: Availability of space is another important factor for setting up a Pilate studio, as large equipments are required to practice this . Hence, plenty of space for infrastructure placement is required. Further, there should be enough space in between the machines and adequate floor space and lighting to hold the classes.

 Business centre: Consider which type of people would be willing to take the classes. Another point is understanding how convenient the studio is for the participants. If it is located in a central area, the studio may get more subscriptions. The target consumer market is most likely to be men and women in the age group of 20 to 50.

Pilates help in strengthening the core group muscles, this type of workout is best suited for dancers as it helps them in gaining control and flexibility. It is also useful among athletes seeking injury rehabilitation. Regular practice helps in strengthening the core muscles and gives more balance and flexibility to the body.

Pilate studios are places where practitioners train. For more information on the different kinds of Pilates equipment, visit wiseGEEK.com

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