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Relaxation therapies and ayurvedic spa treatments in Satara at Prakruti health resort

Ayurveda benefits are not new to mankind. This holistic science is natural, safe and 100% effective. One stays rejuvenated and detoxified naturally with long and short term ayurvedic treatments. Ayurvedic enhance blood circulation, improve nutrient-mineral absorption, supports pain management and much more. These benefit one's skin, hair, balance ph levels in body systems etc. This is why Prakruti ayurvedic resort offers a rich range of spa treatments to shine bright this love season.

This healthcare resort, Maharashtra serves guests with number of head-to-toe beautification therapies including hot stone massage, aroma massage, marma massage, pizhichil massage etc. Hot stone massage which is an ayurvedic stress management therapy. Certified professionals culture lukewarm soft-edged special stones and place on body's key points for complete relaxation. It not only enhances blood circulation but also soothes nervous system. In aroma massage, fragrant oils naturally extracted from luxury herbs, flowers and fruits are used for a rejuvenated, refreshed, stress-free feeling. Marma massages target back pain, stiffness and sports injuries apart from stimulating vital systems. Similarly, other massage therapies focus on different functions.

Signature spa treatments taking place at this ayurvedic resort in Maharashtra include body detox-destress therapy, special therapies, eye care, elbow care, body polish and body wraps. These are authentic spa experience for complete body-mind-soul wellness. These concentrate on adding healthcare value to one's for longer, better living. Specific herbs are refined and dipped into essential luxury oils before conducting procedure.

Facial treatments and therapies are an important highlight at this venue. One can get a flawless complexion with fresh flower petal masks, ayurvedic ghruta massage, hot stone facial therapies etc. for a special occasions. Ayurvedic spa care like fish foot spa, hair spa, manicure, shirodhara, eyebrow care help oneself protect skin health and prevent any prolapse for a smoother skin as well fairer, flawless look.

Prakruti ayurvedic health resort is Western Maharashtra's most trusted natural wellness destination. The team of ayurveda doctors, Satara present here collectively has cured more than 150,000 patients within past 15 years through their trusted panchakarma and ayurvedic treatments in Maharashtra. Specialty therapies here include diabetes control, obesity management, infertility healing, spondylosis care and joint disease treatments.

Dr. Suyog Dandekar- the driving force behind all treatments at Satara's favourite healthcare resort, Maharashtra, firmly believes that health problems are cured by the body itself. This is why required training is imparted to guests by Prakruti health resort for maintaining good health long term.

To get a flawless complexion that radiates good health, book your appointments today! Call 9850994473 or simply chat with our representatives live on www.prakrutiayur.com today.

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Prakruti is an ayurvedic health resort providing panchakarma and ayurvedic detoxification therapies for multiple health conditions. Specialty treatments provided here are for diabetes, obesity, spondylosis, infertility and joint diseases.


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