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Breath and Body Work – A tool I use with some clients within my therapeutic work.

Breath and Body Work

I am a psychotherapist and feel very privileged doing the work that I do. My work as a counsellor has enabled me to meet, support and work with some extraordinary people. My work has also invited me to reflect on, meditate on and consider how disconnection and connection with ourselves, the "Self" (Who are you? What makes you "you?") and our environment impacts each and every one of us, society, the world and the planet we live on. There are times when we will feel very connected to ourselves, the "Self" and the earth and there are other times we will feel very disconnected. Clients feeling disconnected may present with issues such as depression, anxiety and stress (to name but a few) Happiness, true happiness comes from knowing yourself, the "Self" and feeling connected to the earth.

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