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The truth about lemon-honey-water concoction!

Most people every morning drink glass of Luke warm water with honey and lemon juice. Learn how this concoction can help and does wonders for your body and the importance of having it daily in the morning if you are not drinking.

Helps Cleanse the Liver: Liver is one of the main organs in our body which helps in purification of the body. This concoction helps keep the liver and toxin free. The liver is mainly responsible for producing protein and carries on the digestion process, so it is very essential to keep the liver pure and well functioning.

Keeps Constipation at bay : Warm water with lemon and honey , when had in the morning ,stimulates the digestive system helps process intestinal mucus , hydrates the coon and infuses water into dried stool apart from that the warm water helps starts bowel movements , helping in regular and constipation free motions.

Hastens : The lemon juice present in the concoction helps you lose weight. It consists a type of fibre called pectin, in turn helps to keep cravings at bay. The warm water, honey, and lemon mixture forms a more alkaline atmosphere in your stomach, helps faster.

Helps cleanse the lymphatic system: According to experts, a dehydrated lymphatic system is one of the leading causes of sickness. Lack of water in the lymphatic system makes you feel inactive, tiredness, constipation, disturbed sleep, high or low blood pressure, stress and overall lack in mental function. The benefit of drinking this concoction daily in the morning boosts and helps hydrate the entire system.

Helps boost your energy levels and improve your mood: It helps you to boost the sluggishness and tiredness you often feel in the morning. Honey is an instant energy booster reduces the . Water helps providing fresh blood to your brain and lemon activates the digestive system thereby eliminating toxins and getting to work properly. Lemon is a natural relaxant and helps to improve your mood.

Aids in cleansing urinary tract and acts as a diuretic: Honey is a very effective anti bacterial agent, has the capability to fight with common infections. When mixed with lemon and water – the two agents' acts as diuretics (agents that flush out water from your body) this mixture helps to cleanse urinary tract. Women who experience from frequent UTI (urinary tract infection), this aids keep occurring infections at bay.

Helps fight bad breath and improve oral : The acidic nature of lemon combined with the natural properties of honey and water can help fight bad breath .The lemon cleanses your mouth , activating your salivary glands and killing attacking bacteria. Lemon when added to honey and water, it helps remove bacteria and decaying food present in your mouth and throat early in the morning. Another reason for bad breath is the formation of white film on your tongue this concoction helps you to get rid of that film, making your breath fresh naturally.

Helps in clear skin and natural glow: The benefits of Lemon helps in purifying your blood also helping in the production of new blood cells that acts as strong cleaning agent. The water and honey lend a unique strength, antibacterial and boosting properties to your skin, to have clear skin and natural glow.

Vitamins and Minerals: Consuming this mixture every morning boosts your immune system by providing it with essential vitamins and minerals. The drink is a potent mix of vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous.

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