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There is a dynamic and charming hair extensions that called braided ponytail to make you look youthful

A ponytail is a hairstyle in which someone's hair is tied up at the back of the head and hangs down like a tail. Girls with a ponytail usually bring peoplehappy, energetic and chaste impression. Let us take a look at the pictures, we can see that the girl's long, brown hair is swept back in a ponytail with a braid,which makes her look more beautiful, youthful and graceful. Now, following the pictures,take the comb in your hair, and then weave the braided ponytail step by step.

The first step, weave a long braid. Choose a lock of hair over your forehead and break the hair into three ropes, then twist three ropes over and under each other to make one thick length. Before braiding, you should remember to add long bang to hang over your face. After finish braiding, you should tie up the braid with a hair band. Then pull the braid to increase its width.

The second step, tie up all of your hair at the back of head. Using a comb to brush the loose hair and tie them up with a hair band. Then, take the end of braid and pull it to the hair band. Finally, wrap this braid around the securing hair for several rounds and clip them firmly. The last of the last, use a wide-toothed comb rather than a brush to untangle your ponytail. There are only two steps to make this braided ponytail.Once you began to braid this kind of hair extensions, you can master the method rapidly. If you don’t like curly ponytail, you can try to perm your ponytail straight.

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