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Things to Consider Before Taking Pilates Classes

There are many exercises like swimming, jogging, Tai Chi, running and all athletic sports. The origin of these sports is clearly unknown. This is not the case with Pilates. Pilates is a kind of exercising regime introduced in the beginning of the 20th Century, named after a well-known physical instructor called Joseph Pilates. He introduced these kinds of workouts with a notion to rehabilitate people. Though there are some modifications to these exercises been done, the original principles set by Pilates is still followed. These exercises concentrate on building flexibility, muscles and body awareness, by building lean muscles and not bulk. Not much of heavy-weight apparatus is used except for spring instruments. But, these exercises need to be done compulsorily under the guidance of trained professionals. Though these may seem like aerobics, these aren’t and are simple resistance exercise. Like aerobics, these exercises will increase the heart rate. But, before joining any Pilate classes, one must know a few things.

• While choosing Pilate classes, it may be ambiguous, as there are numerous such classes mushroomed all over. But, there are only a few training institutes which has instructors who knows the nuances of the trade.

• The chosen institute should fit in all directions- budget, fitness level, and familiarity.

• Chose a fitness institute which gives specific training, especially, if you are a beginner.

• Many Pilates studios merge both the beginners and the advanced trainees in one batch. This may not prove to be effective, as the instructor would be too slow or too fast to match with the trainees.

• Firstly, observe the class or join a trial class if the trainer allows. This would help you in taking a decision.

• If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the instructor about it.

• Before enrolling, enquire about the chosen studio with previous attendees or the people who are presently attending. This would give a brief account of how the trainers handle the trainees and would help you in zeroing the right one.

• If you are concerned about the credentials of the instructor, do not hesitate to ask about their experience and whether they have a certification.

• There are many training studios that offer group and individual training. If you can shed extra money and would need individual attention, then you may choose individual training sessions.

• After choosing the class, enquire whether they recommend any kind of clothing. If not, opt for such clothing that is flexible and which would make you comfortable. Oversized dresses are not suitable for Pilate classes.

• If the chosen classes are mat based, then you may need to invest in a good mat. Though some training studios provide mats, it is still hygienic to bring one’s own.

There are many Pilates exercises like yoga Pilates, ball Pilates, Pilates with exercise bands. Though these exercises were initiated traditionally by Joseph Pilates, still they are a few modern versions of it. If you feel they suit you and your body, then you may go forward and join.

Pilates Flow @ 2nd, based out of Singapore, offers Pilates classes for individuals, duet and groups, irrespective of gender and age to achieve a sound mind in a sound body. To read more about Pilates, you may visit Medicinenet.com.

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