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Tips and exercises for healthy eyes

Most of us, on an average day at work, have our eyes continuously fixed on computer monitors. We occasionally shift to the mobile, but remember it is still a digital screen. You get back home only to sit in front of the television to watch literally eye grabbing shows. This continuous stress and strain has given rise to eye problems. The better your eyes are able to move, the better will be your eyesight. Sensitivity to light, eye strain, and blurred vision are three common problems that can be helped with eye exercises. Just like the rest of our body organs that need to be exercised and kept limber, our eyes also need the same care. So you can understand how important it is to improveeye with simple exercises.

Advantages of Eye Exercises:

* Helps to improve vision.
* It lowers the risk of developing eye diseases.
* Reduces dry eyes problem.
* Reduces strain on the eyes.
* It improves concentration.
* Also boosts peripheral vision.

Eye exercises to follow:

* Relax eye muscles. A simple method is to rub your palms together briskly to generate heat and place them over the eyes. The natural heat soothes and relaxes your eyes. You can do this as many times as you want, from anywhere, be it office, home, or train.

* Stand or sit up right. Look straight ahead. Without moving head, look to the left and right. Repeat this cycle 3 times.

* Before going to sleep, massage eye muscles and eye lidsby gently rubbing finger in a circular direction for at least two minutes. Massaging eyes can help to relax eye muscles.

* Constantly blinking eyes is a very simple way to keep eyes fresh and avoid eyestrain. Computer users should blink their eyes every three to four seconds.

* Another that's beneficial to promote eye movement is to sit down and look at a wallacross the room . Focus on outlines of objects on wall. Try to keep head still. Just move your eyes around each object.

* Focus on an object in the distance with less contrasting background.

It's more important to do the exercises regularly for a long time. Even 40-60 seconds of eye movement every hour is very helpful. For example, when computer takes its time to do something, one can try making a few circles with eyes. Even the first day ofdoing this, you will notice that your eyesare not as tired as they used to be at the end of the day.

Warnings to be taken during eye exercises:

  • * Do not apply pressure on eyes.
  • * Doing these exercises when you are wearing contact lenses may cause the lenses to stick to the eyeball. The lenses might also move around and possiblygetfolded which can be extremely uncomfortable as well.
  • * Wash hands before doing these exercises to avoid getting irritants in eye.
  • * Consult optometrist (eye doctor) before doing any of these exercises.
  • * No peer reviewed researches have been publishedthat demonstrate increased vision or clarity as a result of eye exercises. Some people have problem with turning of their eyes in or out. These exercises may help conditions like esotropia (eyes that are naturally turned inward) and exotropia (eyes that are naturally turned outward).

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