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Top Tips to best use employee wellness programs

Are you aware how much dollars are spent each year in the healthcare industry, in the US alone? It's $ 2.7 trillion! This figure surfaced only in 2011 as employer-sponsored fund was spent to this purpose. Reports point out to the sedentary works that are causing havoc to the employee , making them overweight or obese and that leads to untimely death.

But, there are many ways that can save them from drooping condition and fatal end. These ways, however, may include some costs, but most of them are related to lifestyle choices and they are easily preventable with employee , wellness and safety programs. Those employee wellness programs execute preventive measures and target such costs at the source. Be sure that many of the costly diseases will disappear by bringing in changes to lifestyle.

If you cannot ensure your employees continue with good , the first thing that must affect you is your company's productivity. Studies indicate that work stresses are serious matter and they affect 72% of employees. This leads to loss of productivity in proportionate with the desired level and this happens to come from poor energy levels. Poor energy levels, low motivation and absenteeism inhibit all necessary functions of an organization.

There are various ways to give a boost to the employee energy level, so that productivity of the organization is improved. For this, factor in increasing their physical and cognitive energy, awareness and strength. Employers need to device plans to build morale and company culture that can provide additional social drivers too.

Good employee wellness programs can decrease sick-pay costs of an organization significantly. If you can guarantee them, factors causing production time loss, overtime pay for employees covering duties, lost sales, missed deadlines and lower morale can be averted.

Employers have all reasons to rejoice because these costs can be lowered by up to 25% with effective employee wellness programs. These sick-pay savings alone can be the unfathomable benefits of increased productivity. So, try to imbibe effective employee wellness programs.

Apart from focusing on these programs, you can factor in the following points as well.

Teach employees to control lifestyle: By controlling lifestyle employees can boost their energy levels, thereby increasing productivity.

Build in confidence: Try to instill confidence into the employees. It is not possible to achieve overnight and again once you can achieve to implement it the fruits of success will last lifetime.

Realistic measurable targets: Employers are to try always to minimize the work stress so that stress does not gnaw the energy levels of their employees. To achieve it, they have to put realistic and measurable targets before them, so that they don't feel being cowered.

Peer Support: Work atmosphere is crucial and central to overall increment of productivity. For this, it has to be created friendly and professional, wherein employees can perceive the joy of working. Create cooperative team management, which will encourage everyone even if the employee fails to deliver the service. For this effective employee programs are to be chalked out at the employers' end.

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