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Ultimate leg workout injury free!

So you might of found yourself struggling to get your legs to grow as much as the rest of your body or struggle with constant knee and back injuries. It doesn’t have to be like that. If you make smart training choices you will be able to get maximum growth totally injury free! Wouldn’t that be great? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be one of those people that walk around with a massive upper body and tiny little chicken legs supporting them because frankly, it just isn’t cool.

The problem with legs is a lot of people believe that you have to train heavy for growth and they end up sustaining knee or back injuries from poor lifting techniques. I truly believe that you need to use a lighter weight to prevent injury and focus on isolating the muscle. When you isolate muscles you can truly fatigue them and get that amazing pump that everyone loves. One of the techniques I believe every person should understand is time under tension. Time under tension is the amount of time it takes to contract the muscle from start to finish. The longer you take to complete the contraction the more muscle fibres you recruit, this is the key to muscle growth. So unless you’re training for a specialized sport and not for bodybuilding you would be crazy not to try these techniques and exercises. Be prepared to spike your muscle building to a whole new level! A good rule is to count to 3 as you make the contraction. For example, if you were doing a squat you would count 1, 2,3 on the way down and 1, 2, 3, on the way up, try it and see how what you think.

Below is a sample workout of what I have been getting great results with!

Warm up for 10 minutes minimum on a Treadmill, Bike, elliptical etc.
You will be do 4 x sets of 12 reps the first set of each exercise is a warm up set

After you do 1 x warm up set then you want to start with a weight of about 70% of your 1mr then have 15 second rest and do a weight that is 50% 1mr then 15 second rest and 30% 1mr that will be the end of that exercise. Do this for all 4 exercises.
Here are the exercises.

Exercise 1-Squat against wall with dumbbells by your side and exercise ball behind back.

Exercise 2-Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift with dumbbells.

Exercise 3-Leg extension

Exercise 4-Dumbbell lunges

Exercise 5-Calf raises this will be 4 X sets of 20 reps.

Warm down for 10 minutes a Treadmill, Bike, elliptical etc.

One last helpful tip for growth is stretching. Make sure you hold each stretch for 60 seconds. If you do not stretch your body will always be fighting itself to grow. Imagine trying to run a race with a rope tied to a tree you wouldn’t get very far. Your muscles are the same they need room to grow by stretching it leaves room for more muscle to grow. Well that’s it people have fun and start growing people good luck!

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