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What do you mean by ventouses cellulite?

Cellulite cup is the kind of non-invasive therapy that is used for reducing the appearance of cellulite. It comprises of developing and trapping vacuum in the small cups and placed over the area where cellulite appears. This method is not only beneficial to reduce the cellulite but also helps to improve blood circulation, eases , detoxifies body and eases muscles. This cup cellulite therapy is highly used in massage and spa centers throughout the world.

The basic rules of the cupping methods are similar of the acupuncture. The reason is that they are placed on different pressure points of body like the way needles is inserted in different places.

Through this kind of method you can stimulate the flow of energy in the body. This will act as the remedy for much kind of illnesses and conditions like formation of cellulite. Traditionally in order to make these cups animal horns and bamboo were used. Because of benefits today plastic, glass or silicon to make cups. These materials are less porous as well as efficiently trap the vacuum.

To develop the vacuum a therapist will initiate heat to glass cups through the lighting of alcohol soaked cotton ball. Ventouse cellulite are place on small fire to trap the head and place over your skin. The pressure developed through heat will even develop the suction and help glass cups fix over the skin. Plastic cellulite cup and silicon are particularly used for reducing cellulite. These are made with suction pumps like that of the medicine droppers. The pump will initially be squeezed and then released once the cup is placed over the skin.

There are two types if cup cellulite that is sliding cupping and stationary. The stationary cups would be fixed on particular area for a specific period of time that is for 15 minutes. On the basis of the requirements and request of the patient a session of acupuncture will be done prior to cupping. The cups will be then placed over the needles inserted in the body.

Stationary cupping leaves red circular bruises or marks. These bruises are referred to as squid bruises.The blood and fluid will be pulled from the area and will be naturally and equally dispersed to the body. These bruises can remain a few days based on how long the cups were kept on skin. The sliding kind of cup anti cellulite will compromise on moving or also sliding cups on surface of skin. To move the cups smoothly before that a small quantity of massage oil can be rubbed on the body. After this the cups will move around the surface till the therapy ends. Terry Adams

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