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Why do you think you snore?

Snoring is not a habit, it is an ailment. Most of us never pay attention to occurrence of snoring while sleeping and think of it a silly thing to consult a doctor for. But in reality there is lack of a fit routine or some ailment that make us snore, which we never realize.

Our habit of snoring not only makes us suffer but also the others around us. A loud snore is obviously disturbing and should get treated. However, before that it is rather important to find the reason for development such issues. Sydney snoring centre is a specialty clinic that was established to deal with problem of snoring. Experts their follow righteous methodologies that will help you stop snoring.

We, usually never realize that snoring has many causes. We think of it being contingent to breathing troubles and thus, never get to realize the right reason behind the excessive flare up of this problem. Some of the causes of snoring are:

1. Over weight:

Obesity leads to thickening of fat coat all over the body. Most of never realize that our bad eating habits are leading not only to weight gain but also causing us to snore. It has been said that the obesity is one of the leading cause of snoring as it leads to thickening of fat around the neck, thereby, blocking the airways and obstructing the process of smooth breathing at night.

2. Alcohol:

You might be wondering why alcohol is being related to the problem of snoring. We relate alcohol with problems such as liver damage. However, it excessive alcohol intake leads to the problem of snoring. When we consume alcohol or even a sleeping pill our muscles relax more than they usually do at time of sleep and this leads to growing snores. Alcohol consumption also causes irritation in the nasal airway and congestion which cause people to snore as well.

3. Sleeping position:

We often suffer the problem of snoring if we are not sleeping in the right posture. It has been observed that people who sleep on their back are likely to snore a lot. A sleeping position that is thought of as helpful in avoiding snoring trouble is lateral position, i.es sleeping on the side. People suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea or receding chin should try to sleep on their side as they are quite prone to snoring troubles.

4. Nose structure:

If not any of the above factors than it might happen that snoring is caused by the way your nose is structured. It has been observed that size of the nostril and anatomic abnormalities grow the chances of snoring troubles. Also, Rhinitis and nasal collapse lead to the snoring troubles as well.

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