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Xoxo Day held in the Prevention of Osteoporosis

Oaxaca. – The Municipal System for Integral Family Development (DIF) of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan, in coordination with the Civil Association “Saving Bones”, held on Friday the first Day for the Prevention of Osteoporosis for the benefit of the population in conditions of vulnerability, announced the head of the instance, Elim Antonio Aquino.

From 17 to February 19, men and women from 20 years of age may go to Montezuma Street number 30, the county seat, to solicit their deosteoporosis testing. The day will have a nominal recovery of 20 pesos.

Thus, the Municipal DIF and the Civil Association, seeking to prevent a disease among the population que provoca decreased bone mass, which in turn creates susceptibility to fractures. Is the first time in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan takes place this day.

It should be noted that the study for the detection of osteoporosis has a regular of two thousand 500 pesos, so the president of DIF Xoxo, Elim Antonio Aquino, called on citizens to take advantage of the presence of specialists to perform their tests.

He explained that in a first phase, the Day for the Prevention of Osteoporosis will be held in the county seat, however, advanced, next weekend will be taking to the colonies and municipal agencies in order to meet the higher number of citizens.

“This is another effort by our management to provide quality services citizens and contribute to family finances, it is important to carry out tests to prevent disease and above all it is important to remember that although it is more common in women, men are not exempt of suffering, “he said Elim Antonio Aquino.

U. S. scientists say they have had very positive initial tests of a new programmable microchip implanted under the skin of a patient that releases precise doses of a medication exactly as needed.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology introduced the chip in a small group of Danish women with remote control chips for the treatment of osteoporosis .

Clinical trials showed that artifacts released the correct doses without side effects. Expected to have a marketable product in less than ten years. The results were presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Vancouver, Canada.

We must bear in mind that it is a disease that has a lot of symptoms and complications that can bring people with the disease and that women are most affected by it and it is therefore necessary care from youth to prevent them.

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