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Natural foods to improve the Hair Growth

Hair is the best things to show the look more and also prevent the head from various environment issues to human being. Both men and women having a hair and it also shows some warning signal whenever our body having a problem. Many people face the hair fall due to the lot of reasons.

Many of them try the many methods to prevent their hair from . But hair fall is easily overcome by using the natural foods. Yes natural remedy is always best and also it has no side effects.

Natural Foods

Carrot is the best food to boost the hair growth more and more and avoid the hair fall. It contains rich sources of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is an antioxidant and also it together with beta-carotene and anthocyanidins. Daily intake of one cup carrot juice or adding carrot in daily food diet is help to increase the hair growth.

Indian gooseberry or Amla
Indian gooseberry is an excellent remedy for treating hair fall. It contains more amount of vitamin C. It helps to prevent the hair from various issues. It also use as the natural hair coloring paste. It avoids the dandruff problem. Daily intake of one Indian gooseberry is good for liver and to the whole body.

Guava fruit contain with more amount of Vitamin C. It avoids the hair fall and protects your hair from hair breaking. Normally one cup of guava loaded with 377 mg of vitamin C. daily intake of guava increase the hair growth and avoids the hair falling.

Beans are in different types like soy beans, kidney beans, green beans, and pinto beans. It contains more minerals and vitamins, especially iron present more in beans. It helps to improve the blood flow in the body and increase the hair growth.

Proteins and iron minerals are loaded more in Egg. It also contains more amount of Vitamin B; it helps to improve the hair growth. Many people massage their hair with egg yolk before going to bath. It also reduces the formation of dandruff.

An oyster is full with huge amount of Zinc minerals. If normal zinc present very less in your body, then automatically you have hair fall problem. A zinc mineral supports to strength the hair and form the new hair growth. Zinc minerals are also present more in cereals.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is the one of the nature best gift given to human being. It contains more protein helps to increase the hair growth. Regular massage the hair with coconut oil is improves the hair strength and give relax to mind.

Don't use or apply chemical substance in the hair. It can cause many issues. So avoid the chemical substance usage in your head is also improve the hair growth. Always use the natural oils to massage your hair and don't use the artificial oil. It can also reduce the hair strength and causes more hair fall.

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I am Samson writing many related topic. This Natural foods to improve the hair growth article is useful to you. There is a lot of natural herbal remedy available to increase the hair growth.


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