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Which Eyelash Grower Do Models and Celebrities Use?

According to SBWIRE on 05/28/2013, the most popular eyelash grower at the moment is Idol Lash because of its natural formula.

It would be unsurprising if you were reading this article that you weren't looking for a way to increase the volume and density of your eyelashes. Such a practice is highly popular with models and celebrities and in places such as Hollywood, New York and Florida for example. This should perhaps come as no great surprise, given that this is a pain free and easy way to improve your looks without the need for expensive surgery.

So why use Idol Lash in particular?

Many of the products that are now on the market contain harsh chemicals. Such chemicals are more likely to cause unpleasant and sometimes harmful side effects while Idol Lash is comprised of natural ingredients that substantially reduce any risks of such effects. With such rich and intense minerals, the rejuvenation of the natural lashes is encouraged and the peptides will aid in the increase of volume, density and length of the lashes. In addition, the lashes will be in a better and stronger condition than previously which will result in less likelihood of breakages.

So you can be clear, Idol Lash was clinically tested and verified by medical communities prior to being approved for use in the US. The trials, although only on fifteen users, showed some encouraging results. No side effects were reported by these particular subjects aged between 24 and 82 (although the possibility of this cannot be completely ruled out in other users as we are all different). The product was used for approximately 5 minutes a day and the following results were observed.

* 25% of participants noticed an increase in eyelash length

* A massive 82% of users saw an improvement in their lash density

Because of the ease of use and this natural product, it has seen widespread use with a lot of individuals including celebrities. This may be as they do not wish to go for surgeries such as eyelash implants and can't always be troubled with fiddling around with the use of fake lashes. You can of course carry on using masses of mascara and curling your lashes as normal, but by the addition of Idol Lash in your normal routine, you should notice a change in your appearance for the better quite quickly! As always, if you do transpire to be one of those rare people who have a reaction to the formula, do of course stop using it, check with your doctor and return for a full refund of your money on this basis.

Other things you can do to improve your eye lashes include always removing your make up properly, don't sleep in it! Give your lashes a breather sometimes and go without make up for a day, eat healthily and take an additional vitamin that contains biotin and don't rub your eyes!

While Idol Lash may not be the cheapest of eyelash growth products on the market, it is objectively priced and does last a long time making it a sensible outlay. There is regularly a free offer and the 90 day guarantee should give you some assurance to at least try it out.

You can find out more about eyelash growth products, including Idol Lash and other ways to improve your eyes at www.eyelashgrower.org.

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